Unlocked iPhone on eBay…

15 09 2007

Here’s another auction from the people at Freeit4Less for an unlocked iPhone!



New Licenses!

15 09 2007

We just received no fewer than 250 licenses from iPhoneSIMFree today! Additionally, we are getting 250 more after the weekend. So all of you who have sent in your IMEIs will be covered, plus all of you who have ordered, or are going to order, looks like! To my knowledge this makes us quite possibly the second largest iPhoneSIMFree reseller!

We’re Out for the Moment

14 09 2007

We’re out of licnses again. Thanks to everyone for sending in their IMEI numbers. By the end of today we will have 250 of you activated. For the rest of you who have already sent in your IMEIs, we will be sending out your unlocks as soon as we get another bunch of licenses from iPhoneSIMFree. This time it looks like we’ll be purchasing 250 licenses, for 500 total.

By the way, did you know that iPhoneWorldWideUnlock has only shipped unlocks to less than 37% of its customers so far? They look to be waiting to finish orders for a huge 5000-license batch before they’ll get the unlocks and send them out! We, on the other hand, will be servicing, by the end of the day, nearly everyone who sent in their IMEI number, and at least half of the people who have sent in orders so far. That’s the advantage of doing business with Freeit4Less!

YouTube and Unlocked iPhones

13 09 2007

First off, if you can’t get YouTube working on your unlocked iPhone then you’re not alone. However, there is a solution!


Please note that we don’t particularly endorse the solutions here…all we know is that our unlock works. But you can give this a shot and it should work!

As for the unlocked-out-of-the-box iPhones, we had two of them but both sold today. We will be ordering more in the near future. We’ll post a link to the eBay auction for the phone here. Generally the way it will go is we’ll send out one iPhone to the highest bidder, then give the next-highest bidder a “second chance offer” so we can “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak.

Even More!

13 09 2007

Send over your IMEI number to imei@freeit4less.com! We’ve got yet another 100 unlocks in today! With this amount of unlocks, everyone should be able to get their unlock right now!

Status Update…More Unlocks!

13 09 2007

As of this morning, we got our second order in! 100 more unlocks! WHich means you should send in your IMEI so we can get your phone ready for freedom!

We’ve also ordered another 100 unlocks today, so that all our orders will be covered. And if that doesn’t do it, another order of 100 tomorrow or so should!

In short, the wait is about to be over for iPhone freedom!

Want an Unlocked iPhone?

13 09 2007

There have been several requests for unlocked-out-of-the-box iPhones. We’re proud to announce that we’re already selling them…though at the moment the quantity is just one phone:


As to payment methods, there have been requests for other methods of payment besides Google Checkout. To which our answer is that Google Checkout is currently the best option for providing great service at the lowest possible price for iPhoneSIMFree licenses. Using a different payment method would incur extra charges that would add on to the price of the unlock. However, we will consider adding other payment methods in the future.