Video of how it works!

12 09 2007

Take a look at this video of the iPhone…unlocked…by us!

If you need proof of concept I think  this should be enough…




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13 09 2007

I did all and it works perfect, one thing that you will need to dock your iPhone again if you changed the sim from T.Mobile to other company.

The unlock software is great, however if i have a second sim card i want to use i will need to redue the last step.

15 09 2007

Hey, That was great, You in the Bay Area??

So what happened with the T-mobile data thing.

Im on sprint but i got the iphone, am gonna unlock and want to go with T-Mobile. What should i do, how do i go about signing up and what data plan do i need??? Do i just bring in a friends old phone?? Do i have to go on contract????

You mentioned that the wi-fi works, so whats the data plan for??

!!! 🙂 🙂

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