Sites and Servers

12 09 2007

Just as an update, we’ve sold over two hundred licenses now…which means that after this bunch of 100 unlock licenses comes in we will be ordering a large quantity to cover everyone who has ordered unlocks so far…and then some! Naturally, those who have purchased unlocks first will get theirs first, but everyone on the aiting list will be able to get their unlock in jsut a few days.

Site-wise, you may have noticed that things have changed here at It’s Your iPhone. This site now serves to provide information about what we offer, news about what we’re doing, and a place for resellers to buylarger quantities of unlocks than our consumer-focused system might allow. If you’re looking for single or low-quantity (four or less licenses) unlocks,go to…we’re the same people.

One more thing: is now being hosted on different servers. We were running the site off of our own systems through a T1 line, and were experiencing system failures, bottlenecks and other undesirable effects for doing so. We have now moved to a shared hosting plan with a 20-gigabit pipe coming from the facility, tons of bandwidth and much higher reliability. This should translate into a faster experience at, allowing us to provide information and the like to more customers at a time via web without our system slowing to a crawl.  Hope it helps!




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