Quick, but Important, Announcement

12 09 2007

In the past twenty-four hours we here at It’s Your iPhone have heard of something: a free, full, software unlock by the folks at the iPhone Dev team and elsewhere:


We might as well be upfront about it: you can now unlock an iPhone via software for free.

Small problem though: the unlock appears to take half an hour to an hour (as opposed to maybe 5-10 minutes with iPhoneSIMFree, the solution we sell), and requires lots of steps of typing things into commandlines and such. If you’re commandline-savvy and feel like taking the plunge with this (proven successful actually) unlock technique, go for it…but keep in mind that right now you’re walking a tightrope as the unlock has only been operational for a day or two.

Because of this, we will be continuing to offer the iPhoneSIMFree unlock at our everyday low prices and providing information about it. If you want to unlok your phone with the other method, please ask elsewhere for support. However, if you are interested in the free unlock and don’t mind sending your phone off, we can personally perform the unlock and send the phone back to you, all for a little less (because of shipping costs) than the iPhoneSIMFree unlock. If you’re interested in this service let us know.

But we’re going to keep selling iPhoneSIMFree, the fast, tried-and-true, proven, well-documented, easy-to-use software unlock solution that has made the news on several occasions now, at least until an euqally easy-to-use, equally-stable, equally foolproof solution comes out elsewhere.




4 responses

13 09 2007

I am interested in sending in my iphone to get unlocked. what is the price and the turnaround?


13 09 2007

my unlock works great on rogers wireless in canada, but YouTube doesn’t work
what do i need to do to get it activated?

15 09 2007

Youtube does NOT work. Whats the deal? Why isn’t there an update on this?

16 09 2007

Great customer service. Super fast unlock. Highly Recommended for future use

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