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12 09 2007

You asked for how to get the SIMFree app onto the iPhone. Here are the programs…one for Windows, one for Mac, and one for iPhone (the actual SIMFree app)

iBrickr (Windows)
iNdependence (Mac)
SimFree App (iPhone)

Please note that you’ll have to do these four things to get your iPhone unlocked, all but step 3 requiring the Windows or Mac apps shown above. You can find the actual unlock tutorial (once the app is on the iPhone) at

1. Fake-activate with AT&T SIM to get a functioning iPhone
2. Jailbreak (usually automatic with software) and load SIMFree app onto iPhone
3. Run SIMFree app
4. Put in your SIM and fake-activate (necessary because of the way the iPhone\iPhone service works)

Hope this helps everyone! Now for some more testamonials…

“I just want to say thank you. Works great.”

“Hi guys…its working fantastic…..thanks so much, the program is the best, everithing in your guide is good…your are the best…”

To get YouTube working, see this post

To use your iPhone on T-Mobile, after being unlocked, you probably want to sign up for a contract plan with the more expensive data package (word has it that the $5.99 TMobileWeb package doesn’t cut it for the iPhone). However, if you don’t need internet everywhere over EDGE (WiFi works evern when the phone doesn’t have a SIM in it), you can get the contract without the data or, alternatively, go prepaid with T-Mobile To Go, with severely limited data availability, though it is still there. You wil need to go into Settings and input T-Mobile’s internet access information, but after that data will work just like on any other T-Mobile plan.




One response

14 09 2007

Will the software will work with a PC ? all the videos I have seen they are using MAC.

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