More Instructions, More Everything!

11 09 2007

Just as a status update, another wire for another 100 licenses will be going out this morning. So buy yours now…over half of the spots are already taken!

Also, if you’ve received your unlock, comment on the unlock page if you have anything good to say about us. Otherwise, contact me and I’ll get everything straightened out.

Our partner,, is going to post a screenshot of (our) iPhoneSIMFree back office experience, which is Spartan to say the least. They’ll also post a tutorial about how exactly to get the unlock working.

Speaking of posting things, head on over to for a copy of the iPhoneSIMFree app. It’s just the iPhone app right now but Freeit4less is working on a unified piece of software that will guide you through the process from start to finish. Anyhow, check the software out and support this site by clicking the Google advertisements on the page!

And yes…I’m excited…and no, I haven’t had caffeing in the last twenty-four hours…

Again, order now to be first in line for the second batch of unlocks, or if you’ve already ordered send in your IMEI so I can get you the unlock license!




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