11 09 2007

Well, sorry guys, but this morning I had to get some sleep. So at about 6:20 my phone vibrated and woke me up. At about 5:07 iPhoneSIMFree sent me this (account details ommitted):

Welcome, iansltx@gmail.com, to iPhoneSimFree!

Our bank has confirmed your first payment.  Your account information is:

 -Login/ID: ???????????????
 -Password: ??????????

Your login and password MUST be kept private at all times! We will not be held responsible for the theft of your credits due to the exposure of your password.

Please go to http://backoffice.iphonesimfree.com/ to begin entering your end-user IMEI data.  The system is still very much in a beta-test stage, so you will notice some changes as we add more functionality.  We have chosen to launch with a very minimalistic and browser-friendly format in order to avoid incompatabilities.  A richer interface, similar to the one shown recently to media, is under development.

Please ensure that all IMEI data is checked carefully before submitting.  An incorrectly entered IMEI will require a minimum of 24 hours to validate and rectify.  Documentation for automated IMEI submission is forthcoming.

Attached to this email you will find the simfree.app file.  This application must be installed onto the iphone and run.  We will be releasing a short tutorial about the application and it’s features at http://www.iphonesimfree.com/cgi-bin/iphonesimfree/engine.pl?page=tutorial shortly.  Unfortunatly, due to the wide variety of Pc/Mac configurations and software used, we will not assist with the actual installation process.

The end-user’s IMEI must be entered into our system before the user executes the application on their phone.

Thank you,






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