Time Zones and other such stuff…

10 09 2007

Just an update:

I think I’ve narrowed down the reason why I (or anyone else but iPhoneWorldWideUnlock for that matter) don’t have the unlocks yet: time zones.

When my bank finally sent the wire it was 12 p.m. Central Time. At that point it looks to have been 7 p.m. at the receiving bank. The result? Bank closed, no confirmation of the wire transfer, no unlocks to me or anyone else. Bummer. However I’m expecting a call at 2 a.m. from the guys (or an email and yes my phone will be on at that time) saying “we got your money, here are the unlocks”. Again, we aren’t the only ones having this problem.

Again, for anyone waiting with bated breath, we’ll release the unlocks as soon as we get them. We’ll release information we get as soon as we get it. That is all we can do.




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