An E-mail from iPhoneSIMFree! The licenses are coming soon!

10 09 2007

Got this email maybe forty minutes ago from iPhoneSIMFree. Due to a busy life I was unable to post it till now…but take a look! I’ve also received an invoice for the next order, this time for 100 licenses. Hurry up and buy, because I’ve already got 29 sold through Freeit4Less and several people about to buy! Hope this helps calm everyone down as to how things are going…I’m waiting for them to contact me back with the cool goodness that is the unlocking software…shouldn’t be long!

Anyway here’s the email:

Hello Ian,

Thank you for your payment.

As soon as we receive it, one of our sales staff will contact you to
confirm payment, and then within a couple of hours, you will have
access to your account with the number of licenses validated (or if you
already have a account with us, it just will be added to your licenses

Again, thank you for your business.

Best regards,
iPhoneSimFree Sales                       email :




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